Threat no Thread
Humanity’s place of desire is cradled by sensuality. Often it’s temptation is suppressed in our unconscious. Fragment, Threat no Thread calls attention to the sensuality of fabric and questions our fetishization of a fluid article while accentuating it’s standing as a simple object. The four instances of this piece accentuate different indicators of the object’s materiality, whether it is a lavish coat of paint or blunt cracks severing clay into pieces. This piece exists as a transition piece to welcome a new array of work dealing with an examination of society’s projections of lust and desire unto fabric and its consequences, as well as an opportunity to lead into 3D abstraction.
The Vulnerabilities and Strength of Innocence
Not everyone grew up in a happy home. Some had to grow up sooner than others. Some without knowing and to no choice of their own. Others had their childhood shortened and chipped at with distress. She. She is about innocence. The strength and vulnerabilities of her own innocence. Alone she is vulnerable and small. She is holding a butter knife without understanding. Alone in her place of violence and ignorance. But in numbers she is strong and the scars of her childhood will make her strong. And her innocence will arrive.
New Worlds Series
Through multimedia experimentation, this project centered itself in the creation of other-worldly realms, playing with factors of perspective scale, lighting, and contrast. A juxtaposition between traditional and rudimentary facets of architecture and more modern architecture hopefully enabled an ethereal strangeness.
This series posed to capture in essence the tone of wonder and disarmament of the novel Hopscotch by Julio Cortazar. By using still images, the focus was drawn into hand crafting most of the props to generate a dark and mystifying wondrous environment, similar to the novel's. The psychologically stirring yet melodious imagery of the literary work allows the reader to be transported into an aura of vulnerability, obscure desire which inspired to misdirect the sense of proportion and space as larger. In order to further mystify the viewer, a play with tangents in the photographs intend to add depth and create new planes to accentuate other worldliness evoked from the novel (from the novel’s unusual reading format and content). This is effected with the use of projections of the props themselves and other stills.
The miracle of life, our gateway to existing, the doors of humanity all encompassed in a single pouch. For this piece I trusted to elevate the mundane aspects of a paperclip to the heights of the conception of man. In order to further emphasize the notion of sanctity, the presentation alludes to the finding of a fictitious relic from old times, perhaps ancient greece or african sculptures. The body of a pregnant woman, dismembered into pieces over time. The translucent piece to the model’s left poses as the protective possibly ancient cast used to create the idolized figure. Both pieces are presented separately to grant a feeling of a historical exhibit in a museum.
This collection intends to portray New York’s tenacity to ever evolve, to frantically exhaust it’s surrounding and people inescapably and still remain a vibrant eclectic environment. The collection arose from the pursuit to contextualize objects found around New York with an all encompassing theme. In spite of constantly encountering the forgotten, the decayed and lost, above it New york remains electric and fierce. The heads stand as the unknown or automatic participation people contribute to the roars of the city while the objects stand as samples of the neglected elements New York has worn out.
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